Happy seniors walking

Hillsboro, Oregon is a beautiful town that is perfect for retirees. This charming town has all the amenities and conveniences of a larger city, but with a small-town feel that retirees will love. Here are five fun activities for active older adults.

1. Golfing

Hillsboro has some of the best golf courses in the state, and they are perfect for retirees. The fairways are wide and the courses are easy to navigate, but they still provide a challenge for experienced golfers.

2. Hiking and walking

There are plenty of great hiking trails in Hillsboro, and they offer a wonderful way to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The trails are also perfect for getting some exercise.

Some popular trails in the Hillsboro, Oregon area are the Tryon Creek State Park Trail, the Pittock Mansion Trail, and the Council Crest Park Trail. All of these trails are easy to navigate and offer great views of the surrounding area.

3. Shopping

There are plenty of shopping options in Hillsboro, including a variety of small boutiques and major retailers. You can find everything you need right here or take a trip to Portland.

4. Restaurants

There are plenty of great restaurants in Hillsboro, and most of them offer excellent service and a wide variety of dishes to choose from. You’ll be able to find something to please every palate.

5. Arts and culture

Hillsboro is home to a number of arts and cultural organizations, including theaters, museums, and galleries. There is always something interesting going on in town.
Some great spots to enjoy art and culture in the Portland Metro/Hillsboro area include the Walters Cultural Arts Center, the Washington County Museum, and the Portland Art Museum.

The Pacific Northwest Art School Museum is home to a wide variety of art exhibits, and the Washington County Museum offers a variety of historical exhibits. The Pittock Mansion Museum is home to a number of artifacts from the early days of Oregon.

Hillsboro, Oregon is a great spot for the active retiree. The busy city features golfing, hiking, shopping, and so much more, making for a perfect place to call home.